Join us as we bring some of the best turners to Greensboro.

Our sixth biennial symposium will be held Nov. 5th - 7th, 2021

at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center.

The symposium is sponsored by North Carolina Woodturning Symposium, Inc


North Carolina Woodturning Symposium pushed back to 2023 

Due to COVID issues the Directors of the North Carolina Woodturning Symposium have reached the difficult decision to postpone the symposium.  The current Covid situation presents many challenges in ensuring that we maintain the great experience that is expected of the North Carolina Woodturning Symposium.  

Thus we are devoting our energy to making the 2023 Symposium even better than those in the past.  We will be back in touch with more information as we develop what will be the best regional symposium of the year.  We look forward to gathering with you in person November, 3-5, 2023.   Meanwhile we hope to see you at the Virginia Symposium in 2022 and at the AAW National Symposia in 2022 and 2023.    



Our Demonstrators for 2021:

 The following demonstrators will be with us. Additional demonstrators may be announced in the near future.


Graeme Priddle

John Lucas

Lyle Jamieson

Nick Agar

Dennis Belcher

John Walsh

Thomas Irven

Sam McDowell

Jerry Measimer

Bob Moffett

Bob Schasse



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